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Bonding With Stepchildren – 5 Simple Steps

So the divorce is over. The raw emotions are beginning to heal and now you’re finally ready to move on. You’ve met someone new. It looks like the start of a wonderful new chapter in both your lives. But what happens when children are involved?

The post-divorce family is challenging for everyone, but it […]

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3 Pillars Of A Strong Relationship

The ingredients for a happy, fulfilling relationship are different for every couple. Everybody has different needs. With that said, there is a science to building a strong relationship – partnership that is healthy, loving, and lasts over time. But it won’t happen automatically. Every couple needs to put in work. Below are some […]

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    The Healthy Family Business – 6 Steps To Working Better Together

The Healthy Family Business – 6 Steps To Working Better Together

For much of history, the bulk of human enterprise stayed within the family – from the farmer’s children helping to plow the fields to princes learning the art of governance. However, while family businesses are still the norm across large parts of the world, most modern industrialized nations have seen family life and professional […]

Is Your Relationship Worth Saving? 4 Questions To Ask

By the time we’re adults, most of us learn that even the best relationships take work to maintain. Unfortunately, it often takes a bit longer to learn that there are also some relationships no amount of effort can save. Is your relationship worth saving? Here are four questions that can help you figure out […]

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5 Tips For A Long-Lasting Marriage

For many of us, our marriages are a huge part of our lives. But let’s face it, it’s not always sweet. Routine, career pressures, and raising kids can all present certain challenges to a marriage’s health and longevity.

Recent statistics show that 40-50% of marriages in the United States end up in divorce. This may […]

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Food Fights – How To Avoid Conflict

Turn on the TV during a political campaign, and chances are you’ll hear the ‘kitchen table’ cliche used to describe shared family decisions. But what happens when that kitchen table becomes a battleground?

With vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free diets becoming more popular, along with a greater focus on healthy eating, bonding over a meal […]

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Life Decisions Vs Your Relationship

There are points in all of our lives where we come to major life decisions that will greatly impact our future – switching jobs, moving to another city or country, or making some radical change in our everyday lifestyle.

For all the new opportunities, pursuing them often involves some degree of sacrifice. When faced […]

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So You Want To Stay Friends With Your Ex?

It’s been said that breakups are never easy, but one of the most difficult and confusing questions is one that comes after the fact – do you stay friends with your ex, cut off contact, or something in between? And while there is no single right answer for everyone, research and experience suggest that […]

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Healthy Habits For Happiness

“Happiness” – what it means, how to achieve it – is in no way straightforward. With the demands of modern society weighing heavily upon us, it may feel like our “happiness” is far out of reach.

It should be noted, however, that “happiness” is not a state of mind that you simply switch on […]

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Being Single Again – Making It Work

Mary Kay Blakely once described divorce as “the psychological equivalent of a triple coronary bypass” – a more apt analogy than you might think at first glance. Yes, divorce may seem as painful as heart surgery – but it also shares the quality of being an increasingly common procedure, with impressive survival rates. As […]

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