A warm and fulfilling relationship with another human being can be the sustaining center of your life. But often conflicting viewpoints and the stresses of day-to-day living get in the way of fully connecting with your partner. Couples therapy is an in-depth approach from an expert clinician, and can be an ideal solution for couples facing serious problems.

A trained couples therapist can help both of you overcome these and many other emotional obstacles, helping you understand each other, and grow together. You can learn to discuss instead of argue, bond rather than talk past each other.

The couples therapists at PARC have decades of experience and can aid you in finding out what is blocking your communication, opening the channels for true connection, and make your relationship a source of strength, love, and comfort.

We offer couples therapy sessions for premarital couples, unmarried couples, and married couples as well as group therapy with other couples. We also offer marriage counseling.

For advice, tips and insight into forming stronger, happier and more rewarding relationships, explore The Couple Shrink Blog.


Many different issues drive couples into opposition and the experienced therapists at PARC can deal with these concerns and many more. Here are some tips to help you tackle some of the more common issues that couples face:


Speak To Your Reluctant Partner About Counseling

You may feel that there are issues in your relationship that you wish to discuss, but your partner might not feel the same way or might be wary about the therapy process. It would be helpful for you to discuss this with your partner in a non-accusatory way, emphasizing your wish to make the relationship better and if possible sharing your perception of your contribution to the issues.

Click here for on how to speak with your partner about therapy.

3-For-2 Initial Consultation

Considering PARC's expertise but worried about the price? We offer a 3 session initial consultation for the price of 2. Get a clearer understanding of your relationship issues, giving you an invaluable head start towards a solution. Save time and money by taking your expert evaluation to an in-network counselor, who can continue the treatment.

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