What are the credentials of your clinicians
Each of our Founding Therapists and the 12 Affiliate members of the PARC Group are New York State Certified and Licensed therapists with many years of advanced clinical training and extensive experience in the field. Many have published, taught and supervised other therapists at renowned psychotherapy training institutes in New York. If you wish to find a PARC therapist of a particular gender or sexual orientation, please indicate this when you call to make an appointment.
Where are your offices located?
How many sessions will it take to solve my/our problems?
Do you accept insurance?
How do you protect my confidentiality?
What if we are being seen as a couple and one of us has personal/individual issues to work out?
What if medication is indicated?
What is your cancellation policy?

More About Insurance:

Did you know that, if you are labeled with a mental health disorder by your insurance company, it can follow you for many years?
Using your insurance to pay fees automatically places you and your private information in massive databases that are accessible to almost everyone. This information can show up in job applications, promotions, life insurance applications, disability applications, credit applications, and many other ways.

PARC's services are private and confidential.

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