PARC therapists are some of the best private practitioners in New York City and take out of network insurance. They do not work for health insurance companies. Your problems are always confidential at PARC because PARC never sends your private records to your insurance company unless you specifically request it.

PARC values privacy and confidentiality and does not want a person’s mental health diagnosis to be listed in the data base of an insurance company for anyone’s future reference. At PARC, you, instead of your insurance company, controls your therapy sessions.

That means that PARC will not work on the panels of insurance companies. PARC only takes out of network insurance. If you wish, PARC can provide you with an annotated bill to submit to your insurance company for out of network therapy.

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Privacy & Insurance

There are many advantages to working with out of network healthcare professionals, not the least of which is complete confidentiality and privacy. No one will know about your personal issues except you and your therapist.

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New Yorkers Know
That You Get What You Pay For

PARC therapists are some of the best you can find in New York. When it comes to the serious matters in your life, that's what you need. Choose PARC.

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More About Insurance For Mental Health Services:


Did you know that in order to receive reimbursement from your Health Insurance Company as an in-network patient, you must be labeled with a mental health disorder, a label that can follow you for years to come?

It can affect your future disability and life insurance premiums, job applications (private and public), bank loans, credit card applications and more. Think carefully about this before you proceed with in-network therapy.

Considering PARC’s expertise but worried about the price?

Consider a three visit discounted consultation and take advantage of a PARC therapist’s expert evaluation. Get a clearer understanding of your relationship issues, giving you an invaluable head start towards a solution. Save time and money by taking your evaluation to an in-network counselor who can carry out the treatment.

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