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Family business relationship counseling helps heal family tensions, morale issues and relationship problems in the workplace.

PARC Family Business Relationship Counseling Offers You…

Common Objections to Family Business Relationship Counseling

At times of relationship conflict in the family business, principals may mistakenly turn to a business consultant or a to a general marriage and family counselor for help. What is really needed is a counselor with a unique ability to provide expert family relationship guidance within the context of the business environment and for that we recommend a PARC family business relationship counselor
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Find out which of our counselors specialize in family business relationships by calling 212-289-0295.

At PARC our family business relationship counselors work with you towards keeping your family collegial and your business successful

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As a principal in your family business, we invite you to consult with one of our family business counselors and find out more about our service.

If you wish, we can offer suggestions as to how you might encourage other family members to join you in the counseling process. Call 212-289-0295 or email us for an appointment.