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Gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender people are receiving more acceptance than ever before. However, same-sex couples still must deal with an array of unique challenges and pressures including disapproval of society and family; having and raising children in a nontraditional setting; whether or not to get married; and changing attitudes toward sexuality.

Whether you have been together for years or are just beginning your relationship, PARC offers individual, couple and group therapy that can help same-sex couples build and maintain lasting and satisfying unions. We also offer family sessions designed to help gays and lesbians discuss and process their sexual orientation with other family members.

PARC offers a place of safety, warmth and caring for the LGBTQ (Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender and Questioning) community to discuss, address, and process their issues. The licensed and certified therapists of PARC have decades of experience to give you support and strength. We provide a private, personal service that offers an experience of respect, expertise, and support for all our LGBTQ clients.


Among the issues and questions for the LGBTQ community:

Gays in many states now have the option to get married, but it still can be a tough decision. In counseling sessions either alone or with your partner, we call help you weigh all the issues and make an informed and intelligent choice.
In many states, same-sex couples now have the option of legally marrying. But just like their straight counterparts, gay couples may have many issues to consider before tying the knot. Pre-marital counseling addresses such concerns and questions and can help you build a foundation for a lasting and loving union.
Parenthood can be challenging just by itself, but being a gay mom or dad brings additional issues, such as telling your kids about your sexuality, helping them deal with it at school and with friends and other family members, introducing them to your partner, etc. PARC therapists can be there to help you in this ongoing process. And if you make the decision to adopt, this can bring with it its own set of challenges.
Being open and honest about your sexuality is a challenge, and including your child can make it more complicated. Counseling sessions on this issue can help your improve your relationship with your children and their acceptance of you.
In-laws and grandparents of LGBTQ families have their own concerns and issues. PARC therapists can address them in individual and group settings.

Please call 212-289-0295 or email us to make an appointment for LGBT therapy. Our Client Services representative is available to speak with you now.